Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#24 ... from De Villo Sloan

artist/contributor De Villo Sloan
(Auburn, NY USA)


  1. No cat stamp??? Then you need to get one ! ;-))
    Thank you for contributing!

  2. Dog ate it. But you know, Nikki, things happen slowly if not for a reason. I was not a cat friend, which does not mean I was a cat enemy. But you are slowly leading me to the light of cats. I would never have considered this, except for your urging that there is something in cats. I am on the road to a stamp, if not a cat. Thanks for everything you're doing Nikki. Other great work here.

  3. De Villo ...
    Did the dog throw it back up? ;-) me, your cat and the cat population a few favors... should you decide to become the property of a cat: have it neutered/spayed and it already will be if you go to your local animal rescue, do NOT let it outside, don't have it declawed. It doesn't need to be outside contrary to what some people think and if you doubt the declawing. Look it up and at the very least think about your animal getting outdoors lacking defense.
    Love the cat to bits and you won't be disappointed.

    I've had many including a family of five. I am with my last. She is purrrfection, honestly.
    P.S. Cat stamps are generally pretty hokey and
    I know about things happening slowly and for a reason.

    My best to you and to your four-legged friend/s.

    Nikki S.

  4. Love the mail art here. There is an "Egyptian Cat" postcard on the way to you from M. Ohio. Keep an eye out for it. I hope it makes it there in one piece!